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Visit Yahoo Home. Promoted. Anonymous. Anonymous asked in Social Science Gender Studies. 3 years ago. Is it fair at e dating game is heavily rigged in favour of women? When it comes to is women suddenly say ings like ‘life isnt fair, stop being entitled’ but . Lebron James has weighed in on actress Lori Loughlin getting to choose e prison where she will serve her two-mon sentence for her role in e college admissions scandal. e Los Angeles Lakers star took to Instagram Friday (t. 18) to share a screengrab of a Vanity Fair article about e latest. Nba Is Rigged Yahoo Dating, choose your own adventure dating exo gif, bad girl dating bad boy, filipina love dating 0 free website. Yes I believe it is rigged. It seems at all e NBA cares about is making money and ey know everyone wants to see lebron and Kobe in e finals. NBA is a multi billion dollar business, and yet David Stern just wants to make more and more money. I watch it but i feel like its fake just like e wwe. e argument for e NBA being rigged is typically made after an NBA Draft Lottery, NBA draft, a trade, and e main argument games being fixed. e NBA Draft Lottery is e easiest to rig, and rigging e lottery can be done out of e public view. e lottery directly effects what happens in an NBA draft. If it became rigged, why is e crew contained in e biggest ket, e Knicks, so freakin' undesirable? If e NBA became rigged, e Knicks, Celtics, Lakers and Bulls (best media kets) ought to all be contenders each and every ree hundred and sixty 5 days. i understand you do not trust it truly is rigged yet it truly is my first argument against ose who do. Seriously, after e bizarre back-and-for home game wins by bo e Spurs and Hornets, all of a sudden, e Spurs win Game 7 at New Orleans hands-down? Tell me at's not rigged. San Antonio gets all ree games and moves on, e NBA gets eir ratings. Some ing smells funny. If e NBA is rigged we would've won more championships. level. Mavericks. 19 points. 4 years ago. I just ink it's kind of ridiculous to ink, in a sport where e games outcome can be completely changed by e refs, at Tim Donaghy was e only one to be accepting some sort of money under e table. e only time I ever believed e NBA was fake was in 2002. So what happened in 2002? Lakers vs Kings 2002 Western Conference Finals: e Lakers were 2 time defending champs wi Shaq and Kobe trying to get a reepeat. ey had, by eir standard. Stephen Curry’s wife, Ayesha Curry, says e NBA finals are ‘rigged’ after e Golden State riors point guard got ejected from game 6 — find out more. Yahoo Products. Anonymous. Anonymous asked in Sports Basketball. 4 years ago. NBA is not rigged. ere are just some bad calling refs and some stupid players. 2 2. Anonymous. 4 years ago. 0 0. Sonia. 4 years ago. It didn't look rigged to me, but e refs did let em play more an e regular season. And at's wrong. Yeah it is rigged and full of conspiracy eories. Examples. 1Frozen envelope-re assured Knicks a large ket team such as LA would land hall of famer Patrick Ewing before e lottery even began. Leave comments on part 2: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3jvXB_pqcc Quote sources: Tracy McGrady - Sports Radio 6 interview. //www.sportsradio6.com. e NBA’s tampering and free agency rules were written in a bygone era and need to be updated to ings e league bo can and is willing to enforce. is investigation likely will take most of. And please don't use e NBA is rigged as a scapegoat for whenever your team fails to show up at a game. Honestly, you know it isnt true so don't try to kid yourself or anyone else. 0 1. Photo credit: James Devaney - Getty Images. From Cosmopolitan. Kendall Jenner, rumored to have previously dated Ben Simmons and Blake Griffin, had a Twitter troll go after her about her dating life. Being an NBA star has plenty of obvious perks: money, power, celebrity, e list goes on. Among e many benefits of being a star a lete is e opportunity to meet some of e most beautiful, talented, and interesting women in e world. Plenty of basketball players have an impressive dating resume, but ese NBA wives and girlfriends put ose brief flings to shame. It seems after-all NBA is corrupt and rigged. If I could’ve gave more, I would’ve done it, LeBron James has made it to e NBA finals a total of six times, and while winning two NBA finals wi e Miami Heat, has lost in four NBA finals. ESPN's Malika Andrews gets choked up sharing NBA players' reactions to Breonna Taylor ruling. about a system at is rigged against, at was founded on an unfairness against people who look. NBA Rigged? So I've been watching a lot of e playoffs lately and I'm getting e feeling at some teams just don't stand a chance. Im not one to ink up conspiracies but some of e officiating has been terrible and it seems at Boston and ei er L.A. or San Antonio are a shoe in for e finals. It Looks Like Kendall Jenner Is Dating NBA Player Kyle Kuzma. Read full article Kendall Jenner sparked rumors at she was dating someone new when . Following e Los Angeles Lakers win at e NBA championship on Sunday night, LeBron James took time out from celebrating wi his team to call and check in wi one very special person. Are e NBA Finals rigged? at’s what Ayesha Curry, wife of Golden State riors’ guard and reigning league MVP Stephen Curry, tweeted last night. e message was posted after Curry received. e NBA is an international league, filled wi players of various races and religions. Initiating and indrinating enough of em into an organized crime ring would be far too risky. NBA Draft Lottery : Conspiracy eories at make us wonder if e lottery is rigged by e NBA is year's draft lottery probably wasn't rigged, but let's revisit some at might have been. at being said, e NBA, of all leagues, is sensitive to any talk about being rigged. Stephen is already in danger of being suspended for Game 7 and now it seems like he is probably going to get a lecture on what his family members are tweeting during e most-watched games of e year. k Cuban was yelling is league is fucking rigged! and he was fined 250k. You can look up is game on youtube and notice D wade went to e line many times when he was not even touched. I say e NBA/ David Stern and some corrupt officiating caused Nowitzki to lose out on ano er title. Tags: nba scripted, nba rigged stories, nba is totally rigged, most rigged moments in nba history, stories at proved e nba is rigged, how e nba fixes it's games and why,3 stories at prove at e nba is rigged, stories at prove e nba is rigged, stories at prove at e nba is rigged, nba is fixed, nba scripted hoax, nba fixed. e NBA Finals are, (Ayesha Curry) says, rigged, Silverman added. To which we say no, don’t be ridiculous. To e league’s credit, Donaghy said, not many games have been ided by. e Commissioner of e NBA’s potential mechanisms of actions to rig individual games is limited. However, he is e employer of e referees. If he wants a less-competitive series stretched to 7 games for a bigger money tv deal, he can arrange it. Speculation has resurfaced at Donald Trump uses a body double for his wife Melania. (Getty) A picture of e US First Lady has sparked e resurgence of a conspiracy eory at Donald Trump uses a body double to stand in for his wife.. e hashtag FakeMelania started trending on Twitter at e weekend after a picture emerged of Melania Trump boarding ine One on e sou lawn of e. e bad vibes extended beyond ose who took part on e court, as well. Ayesha Curry, wife of riors superstar and back-to-back NBA MVP Stephen Curry, got serious attention when, at e end of e Game 6 loss in Cleveland, tweeted at e whole ing was rigged for money. . Yahoo Clippers News Playmaking was e team’s biggest weakness dating all e way back to e NBA is looking for ways to increase its revenue e league is leaving no stone unturned. During e Michael Jordan era e NBA became very profitable in selling ere merchandise.It's a very complicated business,TV ratings, ticket sales, jersey's, shoes sales. David Stern has done a good job at making e NBA profitable. But at what a cost, it is estimated at between 57 & 88 of all Americans know e NBA is Rigged. Tru is if e NBA was rigged, Los Angeles, New York and Boston would be winning championships every year. And yet, we have Cleveland and Golden State in e Finals is year, wi e Lakers and e Knicks missing e playoffs. As much as people want to believe e fix is, e NBA is not rigged. If you search NBA rigged on YouTube, e first ree videos are about is game. is video shows every bad call of at game. It's eight minutes long (by e way, I highly encourage watching it. Yahoo Products. Lv 3 1,724 points. Mr.KnowItAll. Favorite Answers 21 Answers 326. Questions 8. Block Follow. Questions Answers Followed Questions Following Users Followers. Is giving ano er women a compliment and she hears you, is at cheating? like Hi Beautiful? 3 Answers Singles & Dating1 ade ago. Why do women snoop, ru eir mans. e NBA continues to disrespect e Lakers, wi Jared Dudley e latest victim. Yahoo Lakers News Yahoo Lakers Team Page Yahoo Lakers Report dating back to last season. No, but frankly we see is question so many times for practically every major event at I no longer see why I should waste my time repeating e explanation for why is kind of conspiracy is essentially impossible. Instead, e burden of proof. and now e reasons why e nba IS rigged. it was proven to be rigged as of ust 15, 2007 when Tim Donaghy pleaded guilty to two federal charges related to e investigation by e Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and all it takes is one case to validate all o er speculations and doubt going ford. On today's edition of Buy or Sell, host Geoff Ketchum and producer Chris Taylor debate if e NBA Lottery is rigged? Be sure to catch Hit 'em Up wi host Geoff Ketchum weekdays from 2-4 pm ET on Yahoo! Sports Radio. If fans found out e games were rigged, e outrage would be absolutely astounding. e product would be considered fake, and all results roughout e NBA's history would have to be questioned. e NBA Commissioner Pretty Much Admits It's Rigged David Stern has been e NBA's commissioner for close to 30 years, so if anyone knows how dirty e game really is, it's is guy. However, he's not likely to just go ahead and confess it, right? Re: Was e 2006 NBA finals rigged? Post 19» by desertlakerfan» Wed 8, 20 2:21 am Game 5, series tied at 2-2 - Wade 21/25 FTs, Dallas 21/25, Miami wins by 1 in overtime. How does e actual NBA Draft Lottery work? You know e Bulls have a 12.5 percent chance of obtaining e first pick in e NBA Draft. You’ve seen e scenario play out where ey fall as low as No. 8. You have some wacky friends who actually believe e whole process is rigged for large kets despite Phoenix, Minnesota and Cleveland (twice) winning it four of e last six seasons. Stern was a big-city guy and a friend to e small kets e Associated Press via Yahoo Sports. 9 mon s ago. David Stern had been NBA commissioner for barely a .

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