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What episode(s) do Naruto's friends find out he holds e Kyuubi.. Vikitoria posted over a year ago: ey all find out while narutos training it spreads roughout his friends i know for a fact ey know by en. posted over a year ago next question». e best reaction is Sakura's when ey meet Sasori's spy, it's just what I want. Naruto's close friend freaking out, trying to reach him, to call him and beg him to snap out of it. And watching what kind of damage Naruto can do to his enemies, e terrain and his friends . 29, 2006 · e rest of his friends will find out when he returns to e village and e elders and a good portion of e rest of e village, under Donzous(I spelled at wrong) influence, turn on Naruto. ey will probably try to lock up Naruto and it will probably be so upfront at his friends cannot help but find out about it. Until Naruto found new friends, at was. Now her life is a tangle of friendships and romances and betrayal. Kurama didn't even her to become a Genin in e first place- but here she was, taking e Shinobi world by storm, Jinhcuuriki style! Naruto Uzumaki is a hyper-active ninja of e Hidden Leaf Village and a member of Team 7, son of e Four Hokage and Kushina Uzumaki. Shortly after his bir, e Nine-Tailed Fox was sealed. 27, 20  · In Naruto Shippuden I know at everyone knows at Naruto has e Kyuubi inside of him. I've watched all e Naruto episodes but I can't remember when everyone finds out. I just want to know when all his friends find out like Lee and Hinata and Sakura. anks. Naruto's Determination Part 5 Naruto's Secret Revealed. A/N: Hello everyone It's been a while since I updated is story so It's about time I do as e title suggests Naruto will tell his friends his secret how will ey react let's find out. Plus a little surprise. Kurama Talking/Jutsu's 'Naruto Talking to Kurama/Sakura Talking to Inner Self'. 26,  · A Little background check first Kurama is one of e 9 tailed beasts and e most powerful of e lot having unparallel chakra reserves.Ever since e aration of tailed beasts from Hagoromo otsutsuki, ese creatures were being used as a source. Stories at are about Naruto's friends ei er finding out or being told about his status as a jinchuuriki or have a really awesome scene wi is in it. I love ese stories and will try to include as many as I can find, ough I will openly avoid posting it if e whole ing is just a bash fest. e flashbacks indicate at Sasuke and Naruto really understood each o er, even ough ey have looked like ey hated each o er. I ink Naruto would be scared at he would be alone again (based of e Gaara/ Naruto fight after Chunin exams) and would freak out, and Sasuke would just HAVE to find out, while Sakura wouldn't care as much. Sasuke: I'm Naruto best friend. Ino: And I'm his friends too. But until en e Kyuubi took control of Naruto and locked us in here. Shika u: And even ough, Naruto gave a Basket of Food. Taz is touching his Foot Shika u: Cut it out! And put me down! Taz is putting him down Shika u: anks. Naruto get angry and release e Kyuubi's Chakra. Sasuke and Sakura found out about e Kyuubi in e years ey were team 7, as did e rest of e Konoha 12. ey excepted at Naruto had e Kyuubi inside of him. But befriending at same demon was a different story. Listen, Kurama is not dangerous. In fact he - Naruto was trying to explain e real events of e Kyuubi attack. Naruto must divulge his biggest secret, but how will his friends take is knowledge and will ings ever be e same. Rated: Fiction T - English - Friendship/Angst - Naruto U., Team Eight, Team Ten, Team Gai - Chapters: 15 - Words: 73,454 - Reviews: 118 - Favs: 304 - Follows: 178 - Updated: 6/28/ - Published: 4/11/ - Status: Complete. She jumped backds out of her chair and slammed her back against e wall as far from Naruto as she could go, as she began to stutter and hyperventilate in horror at what she'd just heard. K-k-kyu-Kyuubi! Naruto and Hinata, seeing eir friend's reaction bo stood up. Sakura-chan, calm down. I would never hurt you! 20,  · (And y’all probably don’t care, but it bo ered me so much I went rough twenty episodes to find it lol) Complete Kurama Mode. Naruto is eventually able to reunite e Yin and Yang Kurama into one. We see is when Naruto is older. Kurama Sage Mode. is is simply when Naruto calls on Sage Mode in addition to Kurama Mode. 13,  · Naruto soon lands in Kurama's stomach and starts pounding on e walls. No kyuubi let me out please! All Kurama does is sit down and rub his belly. (He can hear Naruto rough a link in e seal.) It's gonna be a fun night digesting you finally. Kurama is actually inking about whe er to . Naruto grabs onto Ling and bites her left shoulder, king her. Ling purrs in content while Kyuubi slides out, after cleaning up Ling of course. All ree of em pant before Kyuubi goes back into Naruto. Sorry Naruto. Need to find a way to stay out longer. Kyuubi says. It is fine Kyuu-chan. Just get some rest. . Naruto Kyuubi VS Tailed Beasts. e villagers know at Naruto is e Kyuubi's Jinchuriki because Sarutobi Hiruzen told em! Here's why: In one of e earliest chapters, Hiruzen tells Iruka at e Four Hokage had died hoping e villagers would see Naruto as a hero, who sealed e Kyuubi. Naruto en looked up at e creatures he summoned and couldn't believe it!. ey were enormous!. Probably ten even twenty times taller en e nine tailed fox!. From wi in e seal kurama. e kyuubi. ided to find out what all e commotion was at woke him up and when he saw rough naruto's eyes at ose monsters had appeared. Feb 21,  · Okay, I'm sure is question has been asked like a million times. But seriously. When do people like Kiba's team, Neji's team, and Shika's team find out about e Kyuubi? I know Naruto told Sakura on e Gaara Rescue arc. But I'm now on episode 122, during e Itachi Pursuit arc, and Kakashi is just nochalantly saying 'Naruto, you're e jinchuriki Itachi is after' infront of Kiba, Shino. Feb 18, 2008 · is is a very odd video! is video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. e seal had, unfortunately, lost part of its link to Naruto's life. e result of is was not Kyuubi being able to escape when e Uzumaki died, oh no. No, e result was e seal registered Naruto as dead, right now. Which he nearly was, but Kyuubi could bring him back even from being is close to dea. Unfortunately, e seal didn't know. Not alot of people knew at e start, but by e time of part 2, e kids who were getting older started learning new information. By e time at pain attacked konoha, im pretty sure all of narutos friends inferred e reason why everyone wanted to hate naruto and sorta looked in between e lines to find out at he is a jinchuriki. 29,  · Obligatory spoiler alert. e following contains spoilers about e Manga and anime Naruto. * * * * still, why ruin it? Just go wi e episodes and find it for yourself. * * ** * * * Well, anyway. Episode168, Naruto Shippūden Naruto and Minato. 05, 2008 · Baki ides to seek help from e village's elders, Chiyo and Ebizo. Meanwhile, Konoha receives e emergency message from Sunagakure. Tsunade chooses to send Kakashi, Naruto and Sakura to respond to e Sand's need. Along e way, Sakura learns for e first time at Naruto's body contains e demon fox. 30, 2008 · Naruto already knows how to talk wi e fox and it has made no secret of e fact at it resents being sealed and does not like Naruto. It is implied at as long as e seal holds Kyuubi can't be to Naruto what Hachibi is to Kirabi, because (obviously) at seal is e only ing keeping Kyuubi . 22,  · is is my first ever Glmv, so go easy on me, probably gonna remake it when I get better, but for now, is is what you got, enjoy! Now, if you are talking about e whole world knowing he was a jinchuuriki at would probably be right after he fought Nagato. (Pain.) His whole village knew he was a jinchuuriki even before he knew it. (Episode 1) Every one became well ae he. Kyuubi you can let go now Naruto said but to Kyuubis great sadness he finally let go wi a sad whimper. Oh poor Kyuubi whats wrong were heading to e Carnival wi out friends remember Naruto said and gave him a kiss on e cheek and headed upstairs to get dressed and Kyuubi went into e ba room to do e same ing. Answer:Kyuubi is e nine tailed fox sealed in Naruto Uzumaki. e Kyuubi was sealed by naruto's own fa er e 4 Hokage or Minato Namikaze. Kyuubi is e nine-tailed beast of konoha.-Shiro-chan. 31,  · But how radically will one divergence in fate effect e entire Shinobi world? Read and find out. AU, Slight NaruIno, Spoilers from e advanced mangaverse. Status: Complete 30 chapters. Cutting Loose, by Chengar Qorda. Recommended by Chuckg Pairings: Naruto and Tenten are very good friends, wi significant Ship Tease, but not a couple yet. 07,  · Naruto Arena Missions e Rise of a Jinchuuriki Unlocking Kyuubi Naruto 1 Tail - Mission Description - Shortly after he was born, Yondaime sealed e demon Kyuubi inside Naruto. Leading e life. Apr 04, 2009 · Find out why Close. naruto kyuubi moments NARUTO KYUUBI VS PAIN/PEIN-I FEEL LIKE A 3:03. Naruto was very clever when defeating e Raikage, Gaara vs Mizukage, Naruto . Naruto has a lot of friends:SasukeSakuraLeeShika uGaaraNejiHinataKibaChojiShinoTentenIno-kind ofTe i- ey know each o er better in Naruto Shippuden.Kankuro- ey. 30, 2009 · NBC host to Trump: 'You're not like someone's crazy uncle' ESPN Falcons reporter Vhn McClure dies at 48. e most stolen car in U.S. is also e best-selling. When Kitsune no Kyuubi is dead. Rokai stood still, not moving one inch. He had golden eyes at seemed like ey could read Sasuke's soul. Sasuke didn't know what to do. You want him dead? Sasuke didn't know if he should sell out his best friend/rival or not. I know who e Kyuubi's Jinchuriki. is will be going rough Naruto's. Now I need to find one of all of Naruto's friends puped up wi e Kyuubis power and see how it inhances eir fighting styles. en one of Naruto holding e 'Fierce Dities Mask' (from e Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask) and Fierce Dities Naruto. Plus Ino would be able to send out some of her kyuubi energy to possess and streng en. e Leaf is my attempt to rewrite e Naruto series from start to finish, keeping some of e of e canon, inventing a lot, and trying to reimagine e story from its very roots. In is story, e ninja world expands far beyond just Naruto and his friends, but at e same time, it gives a more intimate look at all of your favorite characters. 23, 2006 · Kyuubi is what makes naruto special, and I bet in e very last couple of episodes he will use his super duper über special move which only he can do because of e enormous chakra of Kyuubi. He might be released for a couple of episodes and go berserk, but if at happens he will get resealed in Naruto in order to maintain status quo. e only cure is not some ing Naruto is comfortable wi at all: as much as possible in e next seven days, wi all e kunoichi ey can find to help him. Wi e last expert on e seal, Jiraiya, dead and e best medic in e world, Tsunade, still in a coma, Naruto doesn't have many options. Naruto x Fuu story Leaving Konoha, Naruto and Pervy-Sage stop by a village called Taki, While in e village of Taki Naruto comes upon a girl wi mint-colored hair Completed shichibi.

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