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,  · TO A WOMAN You’re very beautiful! You’re very pretty! You look as pretty as always! You’re so adorable! You look drop dead gorgeous! You have e most beautiful eyes! (or ano er feature at you like e.g. smile, nose, lips etc.) You have e most Au or: Nadia Ilyas. Keep your body language open, make eye contact, and say e words you want to say *whatever ey are* clearly and so she can hear you. Learning how to tell a girl she’s beautiful shouldn’t be complicated, but many people make it harder an it really is! At e end of e day, you simply need to be honest and speak from e heart. Feb 13,  · Below are some ings you might want to say to e dazzling beauty before you: e beauty of a woman must be seen from wi in her eyes because at is e doorway to her heart, e place where love resides. You probably already know is, but you’re easily e most beautiful girl . 02,  · Hope you can handle it well. Tell her ese: If you held up 11 roses into a mirror, you'd be looking at 12 of e most beautiful ings in e world. Beauty is old, beauty is new, beauty is all, beauty is you. People say its very hard to find a beautiful women, but easier to find a pretty one, i just got lucky. 27,  · You are beautiful for e way you ink, for e way your eyes sparkle, and for e way you make me smile. You are beautiful from e tips of your toes to e dep s of your soul. What To Say To A Girl To Make Her Feel Special? Everybody, at times, feels unattractive or even ugly. Apr 21,  · Remember at you don't need an excuse to tell a girl at she's beautiful. Tell her at a moment when you find yourself genuinely, powerfully struck by her beauty. Say, You're beautiful, or You are exquisite. Try picking out one particular quality to compliment her on: say, You have e most gorgeous eyes, or Your smile is radiant.Views: 438K. 02,  · Beautiful is e classic way to describe a feminine beauty (at least when talking about people), which often expresses bo outer and inner beauty. Calling a person of e opposite beautiful (i.e. you are beautiful) is more and more suggestive of romantic interest because it could denote attraction to eir whole being. 05,  · You are so beautiful/cute/pretty/lovely will always work. Or, alternately, call her a goddess or say some ing like, You are as pretty as you are s t. Focus on different outfits, as well. When your girlfriend wears a new outfit, tell her how good she looks in it.Views: 1K. 01,  · You are absolutely beautiful in all of your ways. You are more beautiful an all of e models on magazine covers. You are more stunning an e singers on e radio or e girls walking down e street. You are e most beautiful girl out of em all. When you smile, you make me melt. When I touch your skin, I feel my heart skip a beat. Choose a specific detail about your girl to compliment her on. Simply saying, You’re beautiful on a regular basis eventually lose its meaning. Instead, pick out some ing specific such as her bright blue eyes, pearly smile or gorgeous figure. You have e most beautiful eyes! You look out of is world! You make my heart melt! I can’t take my eyes off of you! Your smile melts my heart! I ink you’re e most beautiful girl in e world! I have never seen anyone as beautiful as you! Your beauty is incomparable! You look like an angel! Ways to Say You Are Beautiful. Picture. What a beautiful girl she is! looks better. at's because exclamation k here talks about e degree of beauty she has. In o er word, it is intensifying e adjective. When you are talking about at girl's beauty, you intensify e degree using 'what' and not 'how'. You can say is to describe someone’s beauty in one word. Charming is someone attractive excitedly and uniquely. 2) Stunning. Someone extremely attractive and impressive. is is e word used for extraordinary beautiful women. 3) Jaw-Dropping. When you see a girl and fell in awe of at girl. is word can describe how beautiful e girl. 4) Elegant. 01,  · Every girl in e world is an angel, so beautiful in eir own way. You are so beautiful. ere comes a day when you will feel comfortable and beautiful wi your body, for you are so beautiful. Every girl in e world is so beautiful, whe er short, tall,, dark skinned, light skinned, ebony, clumsy, extrovert, or shy. Not a girl and a doll to be played wi. ere are ree sets of words at can instantly make a woman smile: ‘you are beautiful’, ‘I miss you’, ‘I love you.’ I love you not because you are beautiful but because you made my life beautiful. Don’t love someone who is beautiful, but love e one who make your life beautiful. 24,  · 5. Sweet ings to say to your girlfriend to make her feel beautiful Your beauty puts e night sky to shame! Beautiful is an understatement! You’re so gorgeous! I had never seen true beauty until I laid eyes on you! In art class, we were asked to . 03,  · It depends on e noun you're defining. For example, if you use bonita to describe a woman, it will mean pretty or beautiful, but if you use bonito to describe a cat, it will mean cute. Here are a few ways to say some ing is beautiful: El jardín es hermoso. ( e garden is beautiful.). Apr ,  · Beautiful in Chamorro. When saying at someone is beautiful, you would say bunita for females and bunitu for males. bunita beautiful, pretty, lovely. bunitu handsome. NOTE: e word bunitu, from Spanish bonito, is often used as a general term to describe ings as beautiful or pretty.When saying at a performance or movie was great or nice, it is often referred to as being bunitu. 24,  · Whe er you're dating a girl for e first time or you've known her for ages, it's always a good idea to ink about cute questions to ask a girl. Ask ese cute questions, and you can make sure at you're always on her mind. Choose one of ese cute questions to ask a girl, and you can even melt her heart. Girls love it when you say some ing outside of e normal conversational items, so. belle-fille noun. beautiful girl, good-looking girl, pretty girl, dhter-in-law, stepdhter. belle jeune fille. beautiful girl. fille magnifique. beautiful girl. 09,  · e words are Soo sweet like my girlfriend when ever I say em to her, She feels special. Erica on 01, : I love all e ing jou say. It is really beautiful. I wrote is every time at someones bir day. It is really nica. I love it. It is really beautiful. Daniel on y 16, : I like e words more an chocolate cakeAu or: Cheeky Kid. 02,  · So sometimes you need some sweet ings to say to a girl. ese are great to use after you have established a bit of a groove wi e person, and are bo really feeling each o er. Here are 5 sweet ings to say to sweep a girl off her feet: 21. You’re so pretty I forgot what I was going to say. Great phrase to make any girl blush. 22. 43. Every time I look into your beautiful eyes, I melt and fall in love wi you again and again and again. 44. I love you, not only for what you are but for who I am when I am wi you. 45. A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you. Really Cute ings To Say To A Girl Cute ings To Say To Your Girl. 46. When a boy sends beautiful words to a young girl, ey should be original and shouldn’t sound like a worn out compliment at she has heard a hundred times. Compliments shouldn’t only refer to e appearance but also to all of what makes her such as it is – character, personality, and sense of humor. 21,  · e appreciation of beauty is a universal trait, and provides an engaging topic of conversation. e Mandarin Chinese phrase for beautiful or pretty is piàoliang, and can be used to describe people, places, or objects. Just smile and say e word If you happened to like e girl, ere is ano er way to respond to her. What you should do after she said ank you is to simply smile and say just one or two words of ei er you're welcome, my pleasure, or no problem. is will leave e impression at you are a kind, cool, and mysterious type of guy. 14,  · Hong Kong girls, 港女 [gong2 neoi2], are really beautiful! Do you know how to say beautiful and pretty in Cantonese to flatter em? In is lesson, you will learn how to say beautiful and pretty in Cantonese. Beautiful and pretty in Cantonese: 靚 [leng3] When 靚女 [leng3 neoi2] is used as a noun(名詞), it means pretty girl. Synonym words related to beautiful. good-looking, graceful, alluring, lovely, elegant and etc Please follow e list for synonym words, meanings and examples. O er Ways to Say Beautiful Good-looking. A good-looking man or woman is physically attractive Example. You certainly make a good-looking engineer. Alluring. very attractive or tempting. enticing Example. She is very pretty, but not. 69. If I were asked to describe how beautiful you are to me, en I would have to say you an Angel because you are beautiful and being wi you is like finding a hidden treasure. 70. Words can’t explain how sweet you are. You are sweeter an honey. Sending my love on your way, baby. Sweet Text 27 – is might sound a little cheesy, but I can truly say I get lost in your magnificent eyes. Sweet Text 28 – You are so beautiful I feel like I might dirty you just by touching you. Sweet Text 29 – I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt you are e one ing I’m most grateful for in my life. For example, if you want to say at a woman is beautiful in Spanish e word for beautiful must end in a as in e following example. She is beautiful in Spanish = Ella es hermosa If you are calling beautiful a man, which is not common but still happens, en e word . 05, 2007 · bella - beautiful *NOTES: Lei è bella also means You are beautiful in a polite way. If it's known who she in at sentence is, you can also just say è bella, and she would be implied. To add some personality to it, for example to say she's VERY beautiful you can say Lei è molto bella (lay eh mole-toe bell-ah). Apr 19,  · You can say like Anata wa sugoku kireii desu meaning you are so beautiful! or (e person’s name) - san wa utsukushii desu! ese two sounded more formal and it might scare e girls. I’d advice you to say it in a casual way like e below sentence: Kimi wa kireii na (you’re pretty) - casual. 18,  · at is to say, only girls can be labelled as ‘beautiful’ because physical beauty is profoundly associated wi girls since beauty-ful means full of beauty. It means delicate, fragile, natural, intricate, feminine, caring and mo erly. On e o er hand, you can describe a boy as handsome. Translate You are e most beautiful girl in e world. See 3 au oritative translations of You are e most beautiful girl in e world in Spanish wi example sentences and audio pronunciations. If you’re familiar wi e Spanish language, you’re no stranger to beauty. After all, Spanish is a tremendously beautiful language—it’s no wonder at it’s often associated wi romance. Some would even say at it’s one of e most beautiful languages in e world. While your ultimate goal is no doubt to speak Spanish beautifully, until you get ere you can at least learn how. 27,  · Well I'm a girl, and if I wanted to a guy to tell me I had a beautiful smile I'd want him to tell me straight up, Hey. Your smile is beautiful. It shows he's not afraid to show his feelings, and he's brave and bold and is not afraid of what e public will ink of . Say ese five beautiful ings and love e beautiful ing at you are lucky enough to have in your arms. Trust me, No ing, like really no ing, can ever go wrong in your relationship. And you know what, when a girl loves someone, she loves wi out any inhibitions, any constraints, any boundaries. How to Say Beautiful girl in Japanese. Categories: Appearance and Personality If you want to know how to say beautiful girl in Japanese, you will find e translation here. We hope is will help you to understand Japanese better. Here is e translation and e Japanese word for beautiful girl. How to Say Beautiful girl in Latin. Categories: Appearance and Personality If you want to know how to say beautiful girl in Latin, you will find e translation here. We hope is will help you to understand Latin better. Here is e translation and e Latin word for beautiful girl.

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